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Sailor seeks to ‘turn lives around’

AUG. 25 — British sailor Alan Priddy has completed a passage across the Atlantic from Portsmouth, England, to St. John’s, Newfoundland — the first leg of a 28,000-mile circumnavigation aboard Lively Lady, the historic wooden yacht Sir Alec Rose sailed around the world in 1968.

Through fog and light winds Priddy pulled Lively Lady into port in Canada’s easternmostprovince Aug. 19, according to information on the project’s Web site . Priddy and his crew were reportedly greeted there by hundreds of spectators on shore.

Priddy created the Lively Lady Project to offer young people with troubled backgrounds the opportunity to sail the boat and to “turn their lives around,” the site says. Priddy and his crew plan to make 27 stops around the world. A changing crew of two young adults will accompany Priddy on each leg.

Priddy, who has set a number of boating records and completed a previous circumnavigation, says he hopes the project will also help the young adults learn an appreciation for sailing, too. “The … Lively Lady Project is a dream-come-true for me,” he says on the Web site. “Sir Alec Rose was one of my childhood role models and the reason I got involved in sailing, so I feel very privileged to be continuing where he left off.” The project is sponsored by Raymarine.

Priddy expects to set off on the second leg of the journey, with two new young crewmembers, in early September; he will sail down the eastern coast of the United States, the site says. Priddy says the voyage should wrap up in 12 months in Portsmouth.

? Jason Fell