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Sailor takes on bold challenge

APRIL 10 — Despite a number of setbacks, New York City adventurer Reid Stowe is planning this month to finally kick off an expedition that will see him sailing around the world non-stop for nearly three years.

Reid Stowe and first mate Soanya Ahmad plan to sail a 70-foot gaff-rigged schooner, Anne, for 1,000 days without stopping to refuel or pick up provisions, according to information on the project’s Web site. The pair plans to shove off April 21 from the Shipyard Marina in North Hoboken, N.J.Because of the physical demands and long-term isolation, Stowe likens the voyage to a mission in space. He calls the voyage the Mars Ocean Odyssey.

“The object of the voyage is to leave the land and all support, sail for 1,000 days, non-stop at sea without receiving help, to live at sea, to be healthy, to send back good messages and have the whole world follow the voyage and understand the importance of it,” Stowe says on the site.

Stowe and Ahmad plan first to sail east across the Atlantic, then southwest to Brazil where, in the southern Atlantic, the pair will sail a heart-shaped course, a news report says. From there, their itinerary has not been determined.

Stowe has received three years-worth of food and supplies from a number of sponsors and private contributors, the site says. He also plans to troll for fish and grow sprouts on board.

Stowe built Anne in 1978 in the back yard of his former home in North Carolina, the site says. He has lived aboard the vessel ever since, and has sailed to the Caribbean, around Cape Horn and to Antarctica. He also sailed Anne non-stop for six months in the south Atlantic, tracing the outline of a giant sea turtle, what he says is the largest conceptual art piece ever made.

Jason Fell