Sailors tend to shun Facebook


Data released by the mobile app and online sailing log book, suggests that sailors are less likely to stay in contact via Facebook than more traditional channels such as email or SMS to keep in touch and organize cruising and race trips.

Saild survey data shows that up to 52.5 percent of Saild users never use Facebook to keep in touch with friends who sail and 40.7 percent use it sometimes. The preferred method by far was email with 62.7 percent of users stating they used it often.

The contrast is quite extreme it would seem that as sailors we are around three times more likely to use email and twice as likely to use phone or SMS to keep in touch with their sailing friends and crew.

Sailing is a very underrepresented population on Facebook itself. Data shows that as a sailor you're three times less likely to have registered an interest versus skiing or snowboarding on the social network when comparing against annual participation in each sport.

"To a degree the sailing industry is still catching up with social media" founder Duncan said. "But I think that's also balanced by the passion for sailing amongst sailors and sailing companies which means that the people who are really active prefer to spend more time actually on the water doing it rather than sitting at home talking about it."