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Sailors work to get relief to cyclone-stricken Pacific Islanders

On March 14, Cyclone Pam devastated the South Pacific island nations of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, leaving death and destruction behind.

In Vanuatu the emergency has been big enough to trigger International Aid so while the job is massive, many planes are already arriving with supplies.

Temotu (North East Solomon Islands) has been affected as badly as Vanuatu but, as fewer people live there, it has not triggered an International Aid effort, leaving them with little help.

Members of the Ocean Cruising Club, many of whom have visited these islands and made friends among the residents, have asked how best to reach out with assistance that will have the most beneficial impact on the lives of those most affected. 

Jim Thomsen, s/v Tenaya, responded, “There are many international organizations that will be helping Vanuatu. One organization, Sea Mercy, has their own sailboats and focuses on reaching the remote islands that are usually the last to receive aid.”

Sea Mercy is now preparing to send her Disaster Relief Fleet (DRFleet) to join the Disaster Relief & Recovery efforts in Vanuatu, providing the care needed for the less populated and often forgotten remote islands during such difficult times. 

For more information, visit the Sea Mercy and OceansWatch websites or contact Chris Bone directly for additional information

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