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Salty But Sweet

The distinctive Lord Nelson Victory Tug is a capable cruising yacht at its core.

The distinctive Lord Nelson Victory Tug is a capable cruising yacht at its core.

Stout in both appearance and character, Lord Nelson Victory Tugs are intrepid passagemakers. You could say they share some hardscrabble qualities with their namesake Lord Horatio Nelson, a hero of the British Royal Navy. Heavily built with efficient hulls, the tugs are known for their comfortable accommodations and long-distance cruising capabilities.

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You can read about these tenacious tugs in Soundings’ October 2017 issue, or you can visit the Lord Nelson Victory Tug Owners Association website. The site is a valuable resource for anyone looking for more information about these classic tugs or for owners who want to participate in rendezvous and other Lord Nelson Tug-centric activities. 



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