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Save the Sound grades sewage-treatment plants

Save the Sound released a report card and interactive map tracking upgrades at New York’s sewage treatment plants around Long Island Sound.

As a federally mandated deadline approaches, overall the plants are successfully cutting pollution but upgrades at some of the most critical plants still need to be completed.

Nassau and Suffolk counties have completed their upgrades on time and received an A in Save the Sound’s report, “Healing the Sound’s Dead Zone: Are New York’s Sewage Treatment Plants Making the Grade?” Westchester County and New York City received a grade of B with a note that they are “at risk,” meaning that although they are on track, there is still much work to be completed before their 2017 deadline.

“This report card marks an important step in the generation-long effort to restore life-giving oxygen to the Sound and heal the dead zone, but we’re not there yet. To reclaim our heritage of great schools of fish, flocks of shorebirds and clear sparkling waters for all to enjoy, we must press on for a full recovery,” Save the Sound executive director Curt Johnson said. “We applaud Nassau and Suffolk Counties for completing their nitrogen upgrades on time. But we can’t get complacent. Westchester County and New York City still have work to do before 2017 and time is getting short. We have to make sure the plants stay on track until the work is done—there can be no senioritis here, no last-minute slacking off. The health of Long Island Sound is at stake.”

Click here for the report card.