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Saving the steamship SS United States

She was called the unsinkable ship, built in 1912 to the latest technological developments of her time and the highest standards of luxury, so that only the super-rich of the time could afford for her palatial staterooms.

Tragically, RMS Titanic sank at her maiden voyage at great loss of life and property, one of the greatest disasters in history.

Four decades later, the SS United States, a longer, beamier, stronger, more powerful passenger vessel would be built in the U.S. at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Virginia. Her maiden voyage also made great news but for the right reasons, as she crossed eastbound the Atlantic Ocean in record time of about three days and eleven hours.

Her speed may have placed her name on the record books, but she has been a remarkable ship in more ways than one. With 990 feet length overall, she was 110 feet longer than Titanic. Despite her length, her beam was kept narrow at 101 feet so that she could pass gracefully through the Panama Canal if her voyage called for it. 

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