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Schooner Virginia marks milestone

The Pilot Schooner Virginia, currently under construction in Norfolk, recently marked another milestone in her development with the planking of the hull and installation of the deck.

From the laying of the keel in October 2002 to frame installation June 2003, Virginia continues to evolve into the vessel that will represent the commonwealth as a floating goodwill ambassador for years to come.

The entire hull planking and decking process is expected to take about 60 to 75 days, and requires a sizeable amount of labor and staff. Additional staff are being added in order to maintain the pace of the project, with the planking phase expected to be complete by late summer.

Virginia is a replica of the 1917 vessel of the same name and will sail around the world on goodwill and educational missions as Virginia’s first Tall Ship. Construction will continue over the next several months in preparation for her launch this fall.