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Sea cow continues northern tour

AUG. 25 — A Florida manatee that was spotted earlier this month in New York’s Hudson River has apparently continued north and has made it as far as Cape Cod.

The manatee was seen last week off Woods Hole, Mass., farther north than the creatures have ever been known to travel, the Boston Globe newspaper reported. The half-ton marine mammal was also spotted last Sunday drinking from a storm-water pipe at a marina in Warwick, R.I., and in Narragansett Bay the following day.

“I can’t help but worry. It’s so docile … I hope it’s really heading south now,” a Rhode Island Environmental Police officer says in the report.

For nearly two weeks the manatee had been swimming in the Hudson River from the Chelsea Piers north to WestchesterCounty, the Associated Press reported. Before that it had been seen swimming north off Delaware, Maryland and then New Jersey.

Environmental scientists say that New England’s unusually warm waters have made the manatee’s journey possible, but admit that they don’t know why it would travel so far north, according to the Boston Globe report. They hope the animal’s recent move south from Cape Cod to Rhode Island might be a sign that it is heading farther south.

Manatees, which are endangered and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, are more commonly found off Florida.

— Jason Fell