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Sea Quiz

1. A vessel wishing to overtake another vessel on her starboard side in a narrow channel would sound which signal?*

A. one prolonged, one short, one prolonged, one short

B. two prolonged and two short

C. two prolonged and one short

D. no signal required unless changing course

2. A vessel pushing a barge finds it too rough to push and has to put it on a towline. What lights would be added to the barge?*

A. red and green side lights and a 135-degree stern light

B. 135-degree white light

C. 360-degree white light

D. no change in lighting is required

3. Which of the following is considered by the rules to be a power-driven vessel?*

A. auxiliary sailboat under sail

B. auxiliary sailboat under power

C. single-screw tugboat

D. any vessel being propelled by machinery

4. What color lights could be expected on a buoy marking a junction, with the top band being green?

A. red or white lights

B. green lights only

C. white lights only

D. green or white lights

5. Your vessel is leaving New York Harbor in dense fog. As the vessel slowly proceeds toward sea, you sight a green can buoy on the starboard bow. Which of the following actions should you take?

A. turn hard to starboard to get back into the channel

B. pass the buoy close to, leaving it to port

C. stop and fix your position

D. stand on, leaving the buoy to starboard

*International rules

— Courtesy Sea School