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Sea Quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions.

1. A 27-meter towboat is crossing a channel. A large power vessel is in the channel on the port side of the towboat. Who has the right of way?*

A. the towboat because they

always have the right of way

B. the towboat because the other vessel is crossing from the port side

C. the power vessel because the towboat is to starboard

D. the power vessel because the towboat is crossing the channel

2. What fog signal would be given by a vessel unable to

maneuver due to an exceptional circumstance?*

A. one prolonged, two short

B. one prolonged, three short

C. one prolonged

D. five short

3. Two black balls in the rigging indicates:*

A. a moored dredge

B. a long tow

C. a vessel fishing

D. engines are inoperative

4. A second-degree burn can be recognized by:

A. charring of skin and tissue

B. white and lifeless skin

C. blistering of the burn area

D. redness of the burn area

5. Which of the following types of extinguishers is not normally recharged aboard a boat?

A. 2.5-gallon foam

B. 2.5-pound dry chemical

C. 4-pound carbon dioxide

D. soda-acid

6. If diesel fuel or gasoline leaks into lube oil:

A. the viscosity of the lube oil will increase

B. the viscosity of the lube oil will decrease

C. the cooling ability will increase

D. the lube oil pressure will


*International rules

— courtesy Sea School