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Sea Stories - August 2019

What we’re watching


If you’re without a boat, sometimes watching others live the life is enough to keep the dream of cruising alive and well. In search of this video elixir online, we found Tula’s Endless Summer, a YouTube channel that chronicles the travels of Billy, his girlfriend Sierra, and their furry first mate, Jetty. The story begins as Billy, who is a lifeguard and kiteboard instructor, documents living aboard his Frances 26 sailboat. Sierra soon joins him. They upgrade to a 1973 34-foot Marine Trader trawler, and eventually, a 1988 Spindrift catamaran. In between are trips up and down the U.S. East Coast from Long Island Sound to the Keys and out to the Bahamas, as well as DIY projects as they improve and upgrade their floating homes. You’ll forget you’re on land in no time.

Salty Reads


A Father and Son story

Brian Harvey’s Sea Trial is a multi-layered account of a son trying to cope not only with his father’s death, but also with a malpractice suit that essentially crushed his father’s spirit. His father, who was a physician, was served with a summons 10 years after retirement. The trial didn’t go well, and Dr. Harvey never recovered from it. After a 25-year break from boating, Brian, his wife and dog set out to circumnavigate Vancouver Island, traveling with a box full of documents containing every important fact pertaining to the case. Only his father had read it all before Brian’s life-changing cruise. During the two-month trip, Brian discovers what happened to his dad in the operating room and why he fought the accusations against him. ($18, ECW Press)


A Faraway Land

Nantucket is one of the top bucket-list destinations for cruisers. And that’s not surprising, given the scenic vistas, safe harbors and the unique ruggedness of the place. Filled with illustrations, aerial photographs, anchorage tips and information on weather, tides, currents and much more, Sailing Around Nantucket is the perfect companion for any sailor or powerboater set on exploring the island’s bucolic shoreline. Written by yacht designer Alfie Sanford, the compact cruising guide is loaded with local knowledge based on his many years navigating and enjoying this idyllic spit of sand in the ocean. ($35, Tilbury House)



Croatia, Greece, Italy, France and other countries rim the Mediterranean Sea. There’s so much to explore, in fact, that knowing when and where to go can be intimidating. Available though Apple’s Podcast app, “Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond” covers subjects important to the cruising sailor through interviews with people who’ve been there. Local knowledge is a good thing, and the guests who participate in the podcast have loads of it.

This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue.



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