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Sea Tow Foundation launches life jacket program

The Sea Tow Foundation for Boating Safety and Education this week is launching a new high-risk life jacket program to help keep boaters safe while being assisted by Sea Tow. The program will also work to educate recreational boaters on the risks associated with boating without life jackets, according to the agency.

“Many boaters are diligent in their efforts to keep children and adult guests safe while aboard, but become complacent about safeguarding their own safety as their experience and confidence in boating increases,” said Sea Tow Foundation executive director Michelle Zaloom. “We want to help ensure the safety of all boaters assisted by Sea Tow this season by providing life jackets to those who need them during tows and educating them on the importance of life jacket use by all boaters.”

The Sea Tow Foundation is providing more than 2,500 life jackets to Sea Tow franchises nationwide for use during on-water service calls. The group will launch the program this weekend as part of National Safe Boating Week.

The program is possible through the support of the Sport Fish Recreation Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, according to the group.

The Sea Tow Foundation also plans to expand the life jacket program to encompass community loaner programs. This will enable local Sea Tow franchises to establish life jacket loaner programs in cooperation with local marinas, yacht clubs, fuel docks or other organizations interested in becoming Boating Safety Stewards within their boating communities.