Sea Turtle Released One Year Ago Logs 1,600 Miles

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On May 7, 2019, The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida Keys released one of its residents, Mr. T, back into the wild at Sombrero Beach. The adult male turtle had been rescued in February, in need of surgery to remove a fishhook. He weighed in at 200 pounds when he was released, and he was outfitted with a satellite tracking tag from Mote Marine Laboratory attached to his shell.

For the past year, the Turtle Hospital has been following his location, and they have watched him cover more than 1,600 miles. He has travelled all the way to Florida’s west coast, and he is currently back in the Keys, off of Key Largo.


You can keep track of Mr. T’s progress here and read more about The Turtle Hospital in this May 2020 Soundings story



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