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Seamanship quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What signal would you give when coming to a bend and visibility is blocked by a high bank?

A. one short blast, 1 second
B. a long blast, 8 to 10 seconds
C. a prolonged blast of 4 to 6 seconds
D. a prolonged and two short blasts

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: On a vessel of 30 meters, what is the minimum required visibility distance in miles of the masthead light?
A. 2 miles
B. 3 miles
C. 4 miles
D. 5 miles

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel under way at night and displaying a green light above a white light would be:
A. trawling
B. mine clearing
C. under sail
D. a pilot boat

4. After the passing of a squall line,
you can expect:
A. barometric pressure to fall and
temperature to rise
B. temperature to fall and barometric
pressure to rise
C. no apparent change in the weather
D. There is no such thing as a squall line.

5. When is the tide said to be standing?
A. at the bottom of horizontal motion
B. at the top of vertical motion
C. at the bottom of slack tide
D. at the top of horizontal movement

1.C, Rule 9(f) 2.D, Rule 22 3.A, Rule 26 4.B 5.B

This quiz originally appeared in the May 2012 issue.