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Seamanship Quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What fog signal would be given by a vessel unable to maneuver due to an exceptional circumstance?

A. 1 prolonged and 2 short

B. 1 prolonged and 3 short

C. 1 prolonged

D. 5 short

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Three flashes of light from a vessel at night indicates:

A. operating astern propulsion

B. distress

C. danger or doubt

D. none of the above

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: An orange flag with a square and a circle is a:

A. course change

B. distress

C. communication with others

D. danger

4. Which extinguishers could be used in place of a fixed CO2 system in the engine room of a gasoline-powered boat?

A. two 2.5-gallon foam

B. two 15-pound carbon dioxide

C. two 10-pound dry chemical

D. any of the above

5. What should be used to remove a foreign object from the eye?

A. dry cotton

B. damp cotton

C. sterilized needle

D. tweezers

1.A, Rules 35.3 2.A, Rule 34 3.B, Annex IV 4.D 5.B

This quiz originally appeared in the September 2012 issue.