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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain's Institute.

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel other than a crossing one shall not normally enter a traffic separation scheme except to:

A. fish

B. pick up cargo

C. deliver fuel

D. anchor

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: While coming around a large freighter at anchor outside the lines of demarcation, you should signal:

A. 1 short blast

B. 5 short blasts

C. 1 prolonged blast

D. 1 long blast

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: The term "prolonged blast" is defined as a blast that lasts about:

A. 1 second

B. 4-6 seconds

C. 8-10 seconds

D. none of the above

4. A buoy showing a short-long light is:

A. an obstruction

B. a midchannel marker

C. a wreck

D. a range light

5. Where would you find the frequency of radio beacons listed?

A. pilot charts

B. Light List

C. Loran chart

D. harbor chart


1.A, Rule 10 2.C, Rule 34(e) 3.B, Rule 32 4.B 5.B

October 2012 issue.