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Seamanship quiz

 Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Risk of collision can best be determined by:

A. checking distance of approaching vessel

B. watching compass bearing of approaching vessel

C. watching for signals from approaching vessel

D. observing range of approaching vessel’s lights

2. Under International Rules, you hear a prolonged blast around an intervening obstruction. What do you do?

A. stop

B. answer with 1 prolonged

C. answer with 3 short and back down

D. do nothing

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What would be the lights for a trolling vessel at night?

A. red over white

B. green over white

C. red over green

D. the lights of a power-driven vessel

4. A tidal current refers to:

A. vertical movement

B. horizontal movement

C. lack of movement

D. none of the above

5. Taking bow and beam bearings to an

object on shore is used to determine the:

A. distance run between the two bearings

B. accuracy of the pelorus on board

C. distance off the object at the time of the second bearing and when abeam

D. height of the object on shore


1.B, Rule 7 2.B, Rule 34(e) 3.D, Rule 23 4.B 5.C

November 2012 issue