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Seamanship Quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: The minimum visibility of a masthead light on a 10-meter powerboat is:

A. 1 mile

B. 2 miles

C. 3 miles

D. 5 miles

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: The signal for a vessel being towed in fog is:

A. mandatory if manned: 1 prolonged, 3 short

B. not mandatory but may be 1 prolonged

C. mandatory: 2 prolonged

D. not mandatory but may be 2 prolonged

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You are crossing a narrow channel in a small powerboat when you sight a tankship off your port bow, coming at you. Which is correct?

A. You shall not cross if it impedes the passage of the vessel in the narrow channel.

B. It has the right of way because it is larger.

C. It has the right of way because it is to port of you.

D. Yours is the give-way vessel because you are crossing the channel.

4. A vessel exhibiting a cylinder dayshape on Inland Waters is:

A. not under command

B. at anchor

C. aground

D. showing an unauthorized dayshape

5. Midchannel buoys are:

A. even numbered

B. odd numbered

C. even numbered or lettered

D. not numbered


1.B Rule 22(c) 2.A Rule 35(e) 3.A Rule 9 4.D 5.D

December 2012 issue