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Seamanship Quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. What is the minimum sound signaling equipment required aboard a 14-meter vessel?

A. bell only
B. whistle only
C. bell and whistle
D. any efficient means of making a sound signal

2. A vessel displaying two cones, apexes together, would indicate:
A. a tow in excess of 200 meters
B. engaged in surveying or underwater work
C. not under command
D. fishing

3. A vessel of less than 7 meters traveling at approximately 5 knots must display a minimum of what lights?
A. all-around white light (360 degrees)
B. side lights and a stern light
C. masthead light, side lights and a stern light
D. red over green lights

4. A lighted safe water mark is fitted with what aid in identification?
A. red and white retro-reflective material
B. a spherical topmark
C. a sequential number
D. a red-and-white octagon

5. You are meeting and passing a vessel in a confined waterway. What will happen when you are abeam of the other vessel?
A. sheer away
B. bows will sheer toward one another
C. vessels will continue in line
D. vessels will slow down

1.C. Rule 33 2.D. Rule 26 3.A. Rule 23 4.B 5.B

This quiz originally appeared in the March 2012 issue.