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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute.

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Which of the following may sound the danger signal?

A. the stand-on vessel only

B. the give-way vessel only

C. any vessel in sight of another

D. only vessels approaching in a crossing situation

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Rowing boats under sail or oars must show:

A. side lights

B. mast lights

C. stern light

D. a white light in time to prevent collision

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What size vessel only requires one masthead light?

A. 40 meters

B. 50 meters

C. 60 meters

D. 70 meters

4. INLAND RULES: What is the visibility distance required for a special flashing light?

A. 1 mile

B. 2 miles

C. 3 miles

D. 5 miles

5. Wind rotation around a low-pressure area in the Northern Hemisphere would be:

A. clockwise inward

B. clockwise outward

C. counter-clockwise outward

D. counter-clockwise inward


1.C Rule 34(d) 2.D Rule 25 3.A Rule 23 4.B Annex V 5.D