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Seamanship Quiz - April 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: At night you sight a vessel displaying a green over white light on your port beam. You would expect it to be:

A. fishing with trolling lines

B. engaged in fishing

C. laying cable, under way

D. engaged in trawling

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Your 25-meter vessel is anchored in restricted visibility and is required to sound the proper fog signal at intervals of not more than:

A. 1 minute

B. 2 minutes

C. 3 minutes

D. 4 minutes


entering a rainstorm should:

A. go at a moderate speed

B. stop and proceed with caution

C. slow to bare steerageway

D. consider it restricted visibility

4. A quick-flashing light on a buoy would probably indicate:

A. a midchannel buoy

B. a junction buoy

C. a bend in the channel

D. a fishnet buoy

5. Slack water is said to occur when there is:

A. no vertical movement of the water

B. no horizontal movement of the water

C. no movement of the water at all

D. absence of eddy currents


1. D, Rule 26

2. A, Rule 35

3. D, Rule 3

4. C.

5. B

April 2014 issue