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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute.

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Whistle signals that are sounded in meeting, crossing or overtaking situations are required to be of what duration?

A. 5 seconds
B. 9 seconds
C. 3 seconds
D. 1 second

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Vessels are deemed to be in sight of one another
only when:
A. one is observed from the other visually
or on radar
B. one can be observed visually from the other
C. there is no fog
D. all of the above

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Two black balls in the rigging indicates:
A. a moored dredge
B. a long tow
C. a vessel fishing
D. engines are inoperative

4. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Which of the following is not a distress signal?
A. mayday
B. green star shells
C. “N,” “C” flags
D. continuous fog signal

5. While backing a twin-screw vessel, the port engine quits. What will happen?
A. bow will fall to port
B. nothing will happen
C. bow will fall to starboard
D. stern will fall to starboard

1. D, Rule 34
2. B, Rule 3(k)
3. D, Rule 27
4. B, Annex IV
5. C

April 2015 issue