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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Under way in fog, the presence of another vessel is detected forward of your beam before it is sighted or heard. Action taken to avoid a close-quarters situation should:

A. consist of several small course changes taken early

B. be a substantial course change

C. consist of several small speed changes

D. not be taken

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel showing green over white lights is:

A. trolling

B. fishing

C. dredging

D. surveying

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: On the high seas, a vessel with only one masthead light is how long?

A. over 200 meters

B. under 150 meters

C. over 100 meters

D. under 50 meters

4. Entering a channel marked with a range, you observe the lower section of the range to your left. You should:

A. alter course to right

B. alter course to left

C. continue on course

D. check Light List to see if range is properly aligned

5. For a shipmate with a deep cut, first:

A. treat for shock immediately

B. treat bleeding before shock

C. call for first aid advice

D. place want ad for new mate


1. B, Rule 19 2. B, Rule 26 3. D, Rule 23 4. B 5. B

August 2013 issue