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Seamanship Quiz - August 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A ball-diamond-ball would indicate a vessel is:

A. fishing

B. towing more than 600 feet

C. not under command

D. surveying or underwater construction

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: While underway but not making way in fog a power vessel sounds:

A. one prolonged blast

B. one prolonged and two short blasts

C. two prolonged blasts

D. one short, one prolonged, one short blast

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: If you see the side lights and three white lights in a vertical line, the vessel is:

A. towing more than 200 meters astern

B. underway, not towing

C. restricted in ability to maneuver

D. aground

4. What color lights could be expected on a buoy marking a junction, with the top band being green?

A. red or white lights

B. green lights only

C. white lights only

D. green or white lights

5. A wet/dry thermometer is used to measure:

A. relative humidity

B. wind direction

C. wind speed

D. atmospheric pressure


1. D, Rule 27(b)

2. C, Rule 35

3. A, Rule 24

4. B

5. A

August 2014 issue