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Seamanship Quiz February 2013

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute.

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: At what intervals must an anchored 25-meter vessel give its fog signals?

A. every 1 minute

B. every 2 minutes

C. every 3 minutes

D. not specified in the Rules

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: When aground, a vessel of 10 meters would show what day shape?

A. 1 black ball

B. 2 black balls

C. 3 black balls

D. ball, diamond, ball

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: If you sight red and green lights side by side and white lights above them, dead ahead, what action would you take?

A. watch his bearing carefully to see if it changes

B. sound whistle signals and turn to port

C. sound whistle signals and turn to starboard

D. sound whistle signal to see what action to take

4. INLAND RULES: In general, a seaplane on the water shall:

A. maintain course and speed

B. be the stand-on vessel

C. be the give-way vessel

D. keep well clear of all vessels and avoid impeding their navigation

5. What are the symptoms of sunstroke?

A. high temperature (99 degrees), weak pulse, cold and clammy skin

B. fainting spells

C. high temperature (106 degrees), full and pounding pulse, hot and dry skin

D. all of the above except A


1.A, Rule 35(g) 2.C, Rule 30(d) 3.C, Rules 14, 23 4.D, Rule 18(d) 5.D

February 2013 issue