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Seamanship Quiz - February 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: In an overtaking situation:

A. The overtaking vessel must hold course and speed.

B. The overtaking vessel must keep clear.

C. The overtaken vessel must keep clear.

D. The overtaking vessel must pass on the starboard side of the other vessel.

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: In a crossing situation, the give-way vessel should:

A. cross in front of the other vessel

B. alter course to starboard

C. alter course to port

D. avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What is the distress signal for a small vessel during the day?

A. white square flag

B. orange smoke bomb

C. blue smoke bomb

D. five black balls in the forward part

of the vessel

4. Navigational marks used for warning or regulatory purposes are:

A. solid yellow

B. orange and white horizontally striped

C. red and white vertically striped

D. green and red horizontally striped

5. Sea fog is caused by:

A. advection of cold, dry air over warm ocean currents

B. advection of warm moist air over cold ocean currents

C. radiation warming

D. lack of wind


1.B, Rule 13

2.D, Rule 15

3.B, Annex IV



February 2014 issue