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Seamanship Quiz - February 2015

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A prolonged blast has a duration of:

A. 2 to 4 seconds

B. 4 to 6 seconds

C. 6 to 8 seconds

D. 8 to 10 seconds

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: The day shape for a vessel aground is:

A. same as a vessel at anchor

B. 2 black balls

C. 3 black balls

D. ball/diamond/ball

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: All of the following are distress signals except:

A. continuous sounding of a bell

B. flames coming from a vessel

C. firing a green flare

D. firing a gun

4. A light that’s changing color would be:

A. changing

B. alternating

C. reciprocating

D. occulting

5. The spring tide is:

A. height of tide during spring

B. tide that is full due to the sun and moon being in alignment

C. when the moon is in its first or third quarter

D. moves in and out quickly


1. B, Rule 32

2. C, Rule 34(d)

3. C, Annex IV

4. B

5. B

February 2015 issue