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Seamanship Quiz January 2013

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: When passing another vessel at sea, you note that the movements of the other vessel are becoming erratic and that she is not maintaining course and speed. Your correct course of action is to:

A. alter course to clear the vessel, sounding appropriate passing signals

B. sound your whistle continuously in order to attract the other vessel’s attention

C. increase speed in order to make the

passing faster

D. slacken your speed, stop or reverse

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel of under 12 meters must make what signals when anchored in fog?

A. rapid ringing of a bell

B. bell and gong signals

C. an efficient sound signal of some kind

D. none required

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel should enter a traffic separation scheme at right angles:

A. when obliged to cross the lane

B. when joining or leaving a lane from the side rather than the termination of the lane

C. to fish in a separation zone

D. never

4. When moored to a dock, what line will prevent sideways motion of the vessel?

A. line from the bow to the dock (bow line)

B. line from the stern to the dock (stern line)

C. bow spring line

D. lines running at right angles to the vessel (breast lines)


1.D. Rule 8 2.C. Rule 35(i) 3.A. Rule 10 4.D.

January 2013 issue