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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. The Line of Demarcation between Inland and International Rules and waters, when not specifically defined, is

A. drawn through the outermost buoys

B. the 3-mile limit

C. the waters outside U.S. territorial limits

D. an imaginary line along the shoreline and across the mouths of rivers and inlets

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: In fog, you hear a fog signal ahead of your beam. You should:

A. stop engines

B. reduce speed to bare steerageway

C. continue on course and speed,

making fog signals

D. change course to the right

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A towing light is:

A. an after stack light

B. a yellow light at the stern

C. two yellow lights

D. a white light between two reds

4. The time frame for a light on an aid to

navigation to go through a full set of

changes is called a:

A. cycle

B. interval

C. period

D. rhythm

5. What is an isobar?

A. an isolated bar

B. an extremely cold area

C. a line connecting all points of equal

barometric pressure

D. a line of equal temperatures


1. D, Rule 1

2. B, Rule 19(e)

3. B, Rule 21(d)

4. C

5. C