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Seamanship Quiz - June 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: When approaching a 20-meter vessel from astern, what lights should you see?

A. masthead, side and stern lights

B. masthead and side lights

C. stern light

D. stern and side lights

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: While in a fog bank you see another vessel on radar.

The Rules require that you:

A. maintain course and speed

B. stop engines and then navigate with caution

C. slow to bare steerageway until danger is over

D. turn away from the vessel to avoid closer contact

3. Which vessel may use the danger signal in international waters?

A. vessel to port when two power-driven vessels are crossing

B. vessel engaged in fishing, crossing the course of a sailing vessel

C. either of two power-driven vessels meeting head-on

D. any of the above

4. An occulting light has:

A. a period of light greater than that of dark

B. a period of light less than that of dark

C. an equal period of dark and light

D. a longer period of light than an oscillating light


1. C, Rule 23

2. D, Rule 19

3. D, Rule 34

4. A

June 2014 issue