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Seamanship Quiz - June 2015

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Underway in reduced visibility, you hear about two points on the starboard bow the fog signal of another vessel. You should:

A. slow engines and let him pass

B. take all way off, if necessary

C. alter course to starboard to pass around his stern

D. alter course to port to pass on his port side

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Two short flashes on a signal light means:

A. My horn is broken

B. I intend to turn

C. I am turning to starboard

D. I am turning to port

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Two vessels meeting on the high seas should take

what action?

A. alter course to starboard, pass port to port

B. sound passing signals for the side desired

C. alter course to port, pass starboard to starboard

D. stop and reverse engines

4. INLAND RULES: A towing light is:

A. a yellow light at the stern

B. an after-stack light

C. a white light between two red lights

D. two yellow lights

5. One minute of latitude equals:

A. one nautical mile

B. six miles

C. sixty miles

D. none of the above


1. B, Rule 19(e)

2. D, Rule 34

3. A, Rule 14

4. A, Rule 21

5. A

June 2015 issue