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Seamanship Quiz - March 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Which is directed to sound one prolonged and two short blasts in restricted visibility?

A. vessel unable to maneuver

B. vessel aground in a fairway

C. vessel being towed

D. vessel at anchor

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Three black balls in a vertical line indicates:

A. vessel anchored

B. vessel not under command

C. vessel aground

D. vessel engaged in submarine construction

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: An overtaking situation occurs when one vessel approaches another from more than how many degrees abaft the beam?

A. 0°

B. 11.25°

C. 22.5°

D. 45°

4. INLAND RULES: An anchored vessel exhibiting one all-round white light is:

A. less than 20 meters

B. less than 50 meters

C. less than 100 meters

D. less than 200 meters

5. The boundary between two masses of air of dissimilar properties is called:

A. an isobar

B. an isotherm

C. a front

D. a trough


1. A, Rule 35(c)

2. C, Rule 30(d)

3. C, Rule 13

4. B, Rule 30

5. C

March 2014 issue