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Seamanship Quiz - March 2015

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Underway in fog, you hear a signal of one prolonged followed by three short blasts. This indicates:

A. a vessel towing

B. a vessel being towed

C. a vessel at anchor

D. a sailboat

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: If you see three white lights in a vertical line, it is a:

A. power vessel pushing a barge

B. power vessel towing less than 200 meters of tow

C. power vessel towing more than 200 meters of tow

D. vessel in distress

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: When should a stand-on vessel in a crossing situation take action to avoid collision?

A. when action by the stand-on vessel alone will not prevent collision

B. when action by the give-way vessel will not prevent collision

C. in extremis only

D. anytime it wants to

4. What do most sea buoys have in common besides being the first ones seen when entering from seaward?

A. They are red.

B. They are not red.

C. They have lights.

D. All are mid-channel buoys.

5. Advection fog is caused by:

A. temperature inversion over land

B. cold, moist air blowing over warm air

C. Warm, moist air blowing over cold surfaces

D. an anabatic wind


1. B, Rule 35(c)

2. C, Rule 24

3. B, Rule 17

4. C

5. C

March 2015 issue