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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute.

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Which of the following does not meet the definition of a vessel engaged in fishing?

A. fishing with lines

B. fishing with nets

C. fishing with trolling lines

D. fishing by trawling

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A sailing vessel showing a cone pointing downward is:

A. being propelled by power and sail

B. on a starboard tack

C. close-hauled and has difficulty


D. fishing as well as sailing

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel displaying three red lights in a vertical line is:

A. not under command

B. aground

C. dredging

D. constrained by draft

4. INLAND RULES: In addition to side lights and stern light, a pilot vessel under way shall exhibit, when engaged in pilotage duty:

A. red over white lights

B. green over white lights

C. white over red lights

D. red over white over red lights

5. The voice signal for “urgent” is:

A. mayday

B. pan

C. security

D. help


1. C, Rule 3 2. A, Rule 25 (e) 3. D, Rule 28

4. C, Rule 29 5. B

May 2013 issue