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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You are under way and spot a fishing vessel approaching your port side. What would you do?

A. hold course and speed

B. stop

C. give way

D. depends on the size of the fishing vessel

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A towing light above a stern light would be found on a vessel when:

A. push towing

B. long tow

C. towing astern

D. towing alongside

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You are in charge of a vessel under way in fog and hear a fog signal of two prolonged blasts on the starboard quarter. You should:

A. stop your engines

B. reduce speed to bare steerageway

C. hold course and speed

D. sound the danger signal

4. What are the signals for storms — day and night?

A. one square flag, red over white lights

B. two red pennants, white over red lights

C. one square flag, red over red lights

D. two square flags, red-white-red lights

5. The symptoms of a heart attack include:

A. shortness of breath

B. chest pain

C. bluish color of lips and fingernails

D. all of the above


1. C, Rule 18

2. C, Rule 24, 21

3. C, Rule 19

4. C

5. D

May 2014 issue