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SEAMANSHIP QUIZ - November 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You sight a vessel ahead on radar and maneuver to keep clear. The prescribed action is:

A. turn left

B. turn right

C. minor course/speed change

D. substantial speed and/or course change

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You hear a prolonged and three short blasts every two minutes. It is:

A. towing

B. not under command

C. anchored

D. being towed astern

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Which of the following would be considered underway?

A. aground with engine running

B. moored to a dock

C. anchored but with anchor dragging

D. tied to a buoy with engine running

4. INLAND RULES: Every vessel shall, according to the rules:

A. post a lookout on the fantail

B. maintain course and speed when


C. avoid anchoring in a narrow channel

D. avoid an overtaking situation

5. The abbreviation on a chart for a fixed light is:


B. Fi

C. F

D. Fx


1. D, Rule 19

2. D, Rule 35

3. C, Rule 3

4. C, Rule 9

5. C

November 2014 issue