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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A lantern combining the two side lights of a vessel’s running lights may be shown on a:

A. sailing vessel of less than 12 meters

B. 40-meter barge

C. 25-meter tug

D. 15-meter vessel engaged in fishing and not making way

2. A distress signal for International Rules is:

A. 5 or more blasts on fog signal

B. raising and lowering a large white flag

C. orange smoke by day

D. 2 black squares in the rigging

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: What is more nearly a meeting situation with a power vessel?

A. you see 1 side light and a white light

B. you see 2 side lights of a vessel directly ahead

C. you see 2 white lights in a straight line with each other

D. you see 2 side lights and 2 white lights in line with each other

4. INLAND RULES: A group of vessels being pushed ahead or towed alongside shall be lighted:

A. as individual vessels

B. with a flashing light at the stern of the last vessel

C. as one vessel

D. as a “special tow” conglomerate

5. When entering an anchorage area, which of the following buoys could be used to mark the area?

A. white buoy “3”

B. white buoys with a green top

C. white buoys with orange bands

D. yellow buoy “N”


1. A, Rule 23

2. C. Annex IV

3. D, Rule 14

4. C, Rule 24(f)

5. D

September 2013 issue