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SEAMANSHIP QUIZ - September 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: If approaching another vessel and unsure if it is a crossing or overtaking situation, you should:

A. sound one blast, turn right

B. sound two blasts, turn left

C. maintain course and speed

D. assume an overtaking situation and keep clear

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Rules concerning lights must be complied with from sunset to sunrise. They:

A. need not be displayed by unmanned vessels

B. must be displayed by all vessels at anchor

C. need not be displayed when other vessels are not in sight

D. must be displayed at all times during restricted visibility

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel hears fog signals ahead and backs down quickly on her engines. What would she sound?

A. three short blasts

B. many short blasts

C. one prolonged blast

D. short-prolonged-short

4. Which word is the international radiotelephone distress signal?

A. pan

B. security

C. mayday

D. breaker


1. D, Rule 13

2. D, Rule 20

3. C, Rules 34(a), 35(a)


September 2014 issue