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Search called off

JULY 30 — A Coast Guard search for a possible boat sinking prompted by floating debris was called off Tuesday when it was learned the boat actually sank years earlier.

The crew of a research vessel contacted the Coast Guard a week ago to report they had spotted debris from a vessel off Georgia’s JekyllIsland. The Coast Guard launched both a rescue helicopter and rescue boat to investigate. The investigating crews confirmed the debris field stretched some 30 miles. One piece of debris, apparently part of the stern, had the vessel name Turmoil and Brunswick, Ga., as the homeport.

As rescue coordinators tried to identify the vessel owner it was discovered that it was last registered in 2005 to a man named Harry Jones. When contacted, Jones told the Coast Guard he sold Turmoil to a man named Jack Evans in 2005.

When Evans was tracked down, he told investigators the vessel sank three years ago in about 300 feet of water as he was attempting to tow the vessel out of Brunswick, Ga.

The Coast Guard called off the search, but a spokesman said the circumstances surrounding the incident will continue to be investigated.