Search for sunken boat finally pays dividends


Nearly a year after his stepfather's Mexican charter fishing boat sank in the Sea of Cortez, and after four exhaustive search expeditions, Joe Jacinto stood aboard a boat last week looking at a sonar image of the wreckage he tracked to the depths below him.

The 46-year-old was supposed to have joined his stepfather on the boat for the ill-fated fishing trip last year, but canceled three weeks before due to a work conflict.

For the last year, Joe Jacinto has spearheaded a long-shot search effort for the 115-foot fishing vessel, which sank July 3, 2011 in 20- to 40-foot swells.

In the end, it took the help of a grizzled shipwreck locator, expensive sonar equipment, a shrimping boat, a man vacationing from Colorado, Google maps and a strong dose of "fisherman's luck," Jacinto said, to find the boat.

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