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Search suspended, but sailor turns up safe

The Coast Guard suspended its search at approximately 4:30 p.m. Wednesday for an overdue sailor aboard a 35-foot sailboat approximately 300 miles northeast of Bermuda.

The Coast Guard suspended its search for the Canadian flagged sailing vessel Hikari, and its operator, Sergei Morozov, citing additional information indicating the vessel is not in distress.

The Coast Guard received an initial report that Morozov was overdue for a port call in Bermuda and that his vessel appeared to be in poor condition when hailed by a passing merchant ship. The report also indicated that Morozov said he did not require assistance and was not in distress.

Based on the would-be circumnavigator’s reported intention to arrive in Bermuda, the Coast Guard attempted to establish communication for nearly 19 hours and covered approximately 38,000 square miles by aircraft before suspending the search.

In the end, Morozov was located after his flares were spotted by a crew aboard a merchant vessel.
Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre reported that Morozov is now proceeding towards the island, having received food and supplies from merchant vessel Luisia Colossus.

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