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SeaVee Boats talks stepped-hull technology

Ariel Pared and two friends that he grew up with in Miami — Ralph Torres and Moises Rodriguez — purchased SeaVee Boats in 1994. The trio has since established the brand as a major player in the high-end fishboat market with more than a dozen models from 29 to 43 feet.

The company recently introduced a series of stepped-hull boats — the SeaVee Z series. The boats incorporate steps to reduce wetted surface and increase performance and efficiency. The Z models are available for the 320, 340 and 390 Series.

SeaVee told Trade Only Today this morning that it plans to introduce a new boat in the Z series — the 370 — at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. At the Miami International Boat Show, SeaVee will roll out a 270 Z bay boat.

“It’s a very feature-rich, technical, high-performance bay boat,” SeaVee vice president of marketing John Caballero says. “It is a whole new category of boat for us.”

In this video, Caballero describes the company’s building philosophy and commitment to innovation. “We try to take advantage of existing technology and then come up with our own technology,” he said.

Caballero, Pared and his colleagues not only discuss the merits of a stepped hull, but also the amount of research and development involved in getting the stepped-hull design correct. Poorly designed stepped boats can actually be dangerous, causing bow steering, especially in following seas, designers and builders say.

“We sat down at the drawing table, made a list of all the issues we found with a stepped bottom, and then we decided to go forward and make a huge investment in engineering and resources and take our time to make sure all these problems were fixed,” Torres said.

Click here for a video of SeaVee’s operation.