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Septuagenarian will again attempt solo circumnavigation

When Stanley Paris decided in January to abandon his attempt to become the oldest sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation after sustaining damage to his 63-foot boat named Kiwi Spirit he figured the dream was over.

"Initially, I thought, 'This is my last attempt, and I won't try again,'" Paris, 76, told the St. Augustine Beacon.

But now the Floridian, a transplanted New Zealander who founded the University of St. Augustine, has a different idea.

"I shall begin again," Paris told the St. Augustine City Commission on March 10. He said he would make his second attempt on or about Nov. 8.

Paris told the commission he was still committed to tie his circumnavigation into the city's 450th birthday, which is less than a year away.

Paris said he had been surprised at the worldwide press he'd gotten during his first attempt, which started in December when he headed out the St. Augustine Inlet on his way to Bermuda.

"The attention that my yacht, Kiwi Spirit, gained in the media for itself and the city, especially in yachting magazines, was much more than I had imagined," he said.

Though he is determined to finish this time, he said there's always the possibility that he might have to quit again.

"Should I fail a second time — and the odds are of course high for many reasons — know that there will not be a third try, as there is a limit to my wife Catherine’s tolerance for such things."

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