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Shark hinders rescue effort after boat capsizes

A massive rescue effort was launched for a missing man after a boat capsized Friday night off the Ventura, Calif., coast, but the efforts were hindered by a shark.

A 15-foot recreational boat capsized about 8:30 p.m. while its occupants were fishing outside the entrance to Ventura Harbor, the Coast Guard reported. Crews on the scene reported the boat had flipped over and was damaged, with debris floating in the water and along the shore. One of the people on the boat had made it to shore, but another person, a man in his early to mid-60s, was missing, officials said.

Rescue swimmers were sent into the water to look for the man, but by 10:10 p.m., all swimmers were pulled out of the water after one of them an interaction with a white shark, crews on the scene reported.

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