Sharks Are Good For The Ocean

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Peter Benchley and Stephen Spielberg didn’t do sharks a whole lot of favors when the movie director turned Benchley’s book, Jaws, into a blockbuster movie in 1975.

To the credit of the Discovery Channel, over the past 30 years, their Shark Week has helped allay some of our fears about sharks. Unfortunately, they simultaneously feed us the annual “a shark could eat you at any given moment” mini-dramas. This week it was Shaquille O’Neal who was put on the menu for a shiver of sharks—yes, that’s what they call a group of sharks.

The truth is, humans are rarely on a shark’s menu, and more importantly, without sharks the oceans would be in terrible shape. This article from sheds some light on the benefits of having sharks roaming our oceans, and those benefits do not include the consumption of humans.