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Sharks Are Good For The Ocean


Peter Benchley and Stephen Spielberg didn’t do sharks a whole lot of favors when the movie director turned Benchley’s book, Jaws, into a blockbuster movie in 1975.

To the credit of the Discovery Channel, over the past 30 years, their Shark Week has helped allay some of our fears about sharks. Unfortunately, they simultaneously feed us the annual “a shark could eat you at any given moment” mini-dramas. This week it was Shaquille O’Neal who was put on the menu for a shiver of sharks—yes, that’s what they call a group of sharks.

The truth is, humans are rarely on a shark’s menu, and more importantly, without sharks the oceans would be in terrible shape. This article from sheds some light on the benefits of having sharks roaming our oceans, and those benefits do not include the consumption of humans.



Thank Goodness For Oysters

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What’s On The Menu At The White Shark Café?

Scientists have been trying to figure out why California’s great white sharks take a month every year to travel to an empty spot in the Pacific Ocean that’s halfway toHawaii. A recent research expedition revealed that there might be a lot on the menu there for the sharks to eat. READ MORE


Ocean Heat Waves Are Killing Marine Life

According to a new study, ocean heat waves are increasing in length, temperature and frequency and destroying life beneath the surface of the sea.

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Warming Oceans Put Fish On The Move

The effects of climate change impact not only human beings on land but also animals that swim in our oceans. Warming ocean waters are causing everything from lobsters and crabs to striped bass and bluefin tuna to expand their ranges, sometimes putting them out of reach of the fishermen who depend on the species for a living.


10 Rivers Produce 95 Percent Of All Plastic Ocean Waste

Researchers believe as much as 12.7 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans each year and that 95 percent of it comes from only 10 rivers, eight of which are in Asia. Find out more about these rivers and what is being done to clean them up by reading here.

2017May13_Departure_Credit Jeffrey G Katz (38)

Saved By The Bell … For Now

The 2018 Maryland Legislature adjourned yesterday and among the last-minute bills that passed was a resolution to fund the Pride of Baltimore II, the globe-trotting sailing ambassador for Baltimore City and the state of Maryland, to the tune of $500,000 annually. Despite the funding, the tall ship is still facing a yearly $700,000 budget shortfall.


These Sharks Don’t Bite

The news has been filled with frightening stories about great white sharks off the coast of Massachusetts, but now large, harmless basking sharks off the coast of France are making headlines. READ MORE