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Ship stormed by pirates

NOV. 1 — The North Korean freighter Dai Hong Dan was making a routine trip about 70 miles northeast of Somalia when pirates hijacked the vessel, the U.S. Navy reported Tuesday.

The pirates seized the ship’s bridge when the crew was in the engineering and steering compartments. When the Navy received a radioed report of the ship’s location, they came to intercept the Dai Hong Dan and order the pirates by radio to give up their weapons. Meanwhile, the crew stormed the bridge and fought the pirates to regain control. When it was over, two pirates were dead and five had been captured.

The Navy boarded the freighter to assist the injured, though North Korea and the United States have no diplomatic relations, according to the report. A second attack took place Sunday night off the Horn of Africa when gunmen boarded two skiffs to hijack the Panamanian Golden Nori off the Socotra archipelago, according to the U.S. Navy. When the Golden Nori radioed for help, the Navy ship the USS Porter opened fire and sank the pirates’ skiffs tied to the stern. However, four other ships in the region remain in pirate hands, according to the Navy.

U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling the area for years in an attempt to crack down on piracy — a result of 15 years of near-anarchy in the area, according to the news report.

— Elizabeth Ellis