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Shipping firm honored for heroism at sea

Commercial shipping company Crowley Maritime Corp. was presented with three Admiral of the Ocean Seas (AOTOS) awards during an industry dinner and dance held last week in New York City.

Presented as part of the event’s Honored Seafarers Awards segment, which commends the heroism of American mariners who have risked their lives to save others and the outstanding seamanship of officers and crews of vessels participating in rescue operations, Crowley received the AOTOS Mariners’ Rosette Award and two Mariners’ Plaques.

“The entire Crowley family is proud of this brave crew for putting their training to good use to perform the vital measures needed to save this man’s life,” said the company’s Rocky Smith, senior vice president and general manager, petroleum distribution and marine services. “These crewmembers are true heroes and deserve to be recognized for their service. We are appreciative of the recognition from AOTOS and are happy to have been of assistance when it was needed most.”

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