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Shipwreck captain returns to vessel where 32 died

Italian captain Francesco Schettino returned to the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia for the first time since he jumped ship two years ago in a tragedy that claimed 32 lives.

Wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses, the disgraced captain fought off a media scrum as he arrived in the tiny port on Giglio Island, donned a life jacket and got on a boat that took him out to the vessel.

Schettino's visit was part of a court-ordered inspection in the ongoing trial against him for multiple counts of manslaughter and abandoning ship before all the passengers had been evacuated.

His lawyers asked the court in Grosseto to authorize the search to determine if any factors beyond human error contributed to the disaster.

Schettino claims he fell onto a lifeboat as the ship keeled over on the night of the disaster on January 13, 2012 and then stayed on dry land because he wanted to co-ordinate the nighttime evacuation from there.

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