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Shipwreck hunter finds 152-year-old steamer

The side-wheel steamer named Keystone State was pounded by a November storm before it was swallowed up by Lake Huron in 1861, claiming the lives of all 33 on board.

The ship's final resting place was a mystery for 150 years.

But Ohio veteran shipwreck hunter David Trotter, 72, says he and his crew found the side-wheel steamer in July at the bottom of Lake Huron — the latest in the nearly 100 vessels Trotter has discovered in more than 35 years of Great Lakes shipwreck hunting.

The ship, built in Buffalo, N.Y., was among the largest steamers of its time. According to some historians, it might have sunk with its crew while secretly hauling Civil War supplies.

"This one stands out. It's a unique wreck," maritime historian C. Patrick Labadie told the Detroit Free Press.